How do I move on from being cheated on?

I want to just forget about him and everything that he did to me, but it's so hard :(


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  • As the old song goes, breaking up is hard to do. Yes, your heart is broken. But the good news is that putting it back together doesn't have a thing to do with your ex — it's all about you.

    Your Most Important Relationship is the One With Yourself
    You can't change what you don't acknowledge. So get real about your situation: It's over! For whatever reason, your ex did cheat on you. Until you understand and accept that, you won't be able to begin the healing process.

    Although it's nice to have a romantic relationship, it's not necessary. You can be a whole person without being half of a couple. The old saying is true: It's better to be healthy alone than sick with somebody else.

    If you're terrified of being alone, you probably suffer from low self-esteem. You need to get in touch with your authentic self — that is, the core of who you are. Until you truly know and like yourself, you won't find a healthy and compatible mate.

    Getting Through the Day
    Put things in perspective. Does it hurt? Yes. Will you miss certain things about your relationship? Sure. Is it the end of the world? Absolutely not! You'll get through this heartache. Just take it day by day.

    Stay in the game! If you decide to be miserable all the time, you're bound to miss out on good opportunities. Don't let a breakup cheat you out of living a full life.

    Have the urge to call your ex? Replace that urge with an alternate, incompatible behavior. Go out with some friends, rent a funny movie, whatever — just do something to keep yourself busy

    • In time, it is absolutely vital to put the pain behind you and move forward with your life and love. Otherwise, you are giving away your power to the people who hurt you.

      Sometimes the relationship you need to rescue is the one with yourself. Moving past a breakup is about you, not your ex.

      Don't start thinking about being friends right away — if ever. You have to be your own friend first.

      Grief is a process to go through, not a destination in which to wallow. In a process, you keep putting one foot in front of the other, and each little step is part of your healing.

      Define your real intentions. Are you trying to move past the breakup, or are you hoping to get back with your ex? You won't move on until you've accepted that the relationship is over.

    • forgiveness is what you do for yourself, not for other people. When you forgive, it doesn't mean that you approve of what's happened. Rather, it means that you're giving yourself permission to move on with your life.

      Forgiveness is a choice. Don't wait for it to just wash over you all of a sudden. You have to choose it.

      Don't give your power away. The pain of what happened is inevitable, but continuing to suffer is optional. The only person you can control is you. By constantly reliving the pain of what happened, you are giving your power away to the person who wronged you.

      Don't cling to negative feelings. Anger is nothing more than an outward sign of hurt, fear, guilt, grief or frustration. While the pain may never completely disappear, forgiveness can help you release the anger and bring those in your life closer to you.

    • There is no right timeline for recovery. For some people, making peace happens suddenly and spontaneously. For others, it takes time and effort. You may have to make a conscious effort every day to forgive. To say, "I'm letting this go. I'm not going to invest hatred, bitterness, anger, resentment in this person anymore." You can find closure in forgiveness.

      You can't change the things that happened in your life, but you can decide how you interpret and respond to them. If you didn't receive support when you needed it, give it to yourself now

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  • there's really not much you can do just continue living your life and get your strenght from things other than your relationship. Try to not focus on him, it will probably take a long while to forget about him but in a few months you will already feel much better than now, and you should get strenght from knowing that you will feel better, and that this is not the end of the world but just a very hard period you're going through - accept the pain you're feeling and get excited for the next chapter of your life!


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  • Try to keep really busy with friends or enroll in school get a second job. Once all that is done you'll see time going faster then by the time you know him his name won't hurt you.

  • I understand:/


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