Does he still loves me? How can I get him back? How can I fix our relationship? Is he trying to get back?

Me and my fiancee live together for 1.5 years and unfortunately ended recently. We started so great and we are both have the same thing out of life. We have a lot of plans for future. Recently we had on and off arguments about financial and legal matters. i ask him to put me in a paper for my future security before we start business. I cover 95% of household expenses this is why i am asking him. But i guess he didn't like the idea. This made me feeling unhappy and unfair for me. At times i go silent and avoid him coz i do not know what to say or do. he did not like it. So, he decided to move out of our house. During our last talk, he told me that he felt un- respected and that we are not a match, that i am not happy for awhile, that he disliked my negativeness and that, he won't live like these. He wanted a submissive woman who trust and support him fully. So, he is moving out but he will not abandoned me. He still want to be a part of my life as friends. Now, I am confuse! we text often but mostly about documents but he does ask me if i am ok and if i am good. He is polite and nice on textings. he comes to the house and help do heavy work like lawn mowing. I love him so dearly. What is he doing? does he still loves me? Is he doing this out of guilt? What should i do to get him back?


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  • obviously he still cares about u... otherwise he'd not text u... nor help u in works. probably he said wot he said when he was in anger. so there's a chance he'll get back. but better wait a little bit more to see how'll it go


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  • I think you should just move on.

    • its hard coz he wants us to be good friends. and still want to be part of my life.

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