What happened? Why is he being so mean?

I can't understand at all what just happened with my ex. He broke up with me 5 weeks ago and ignored me for 4 weeks. Last weekend I saw him and he texted me that I looked amazing and that he still loves and misses me. I said I miss our friendship and he said 'I miss you'. I didn't really acknowledge any of it because I figured he just wanted me to say it back because he needed an ego boost. We decided to try to be friendly at least. I saw him again this weekend and he completely avoided me and ignored me all weekend. I just texted him 'what happened between us that would make you avoid me'. He waited almost 3 hours to reply and said 'Idk' (short for 'I don't know'). What is he thinking? Why is he being sooo mean? I'm so hurt that we can't even be friends and we used to be best friends


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  • Best friends don't that to each other.
    You need to just stop trying. You looking happy and accepting the break up got more out of him than you questioning him. Why? Because he gas the upper hand now. You were trying to avoiding giving him an ego boost but you gave him one by accepting friebdship on his terms and reacting to his coldness.
    He may be having second thoughts and is confused hence why ge is so hot&cold.
    Lets not worry about him though. You carry on looking amazing, you stop questioning his every mood and put him on a hiatus as he did you.
    He's holding all the cards &that shouldn't be.
    Concentrate on you&don't take anymore of his flakeyness. You should allow anyone to just waltz in and out of your life.
    He chose to walk, you shouldn't be questioning what HE is doing and why.
    You should hand him a pair of shoes for his journey and buy yourself a shiny new pair ;)

    • Great advice and I agree. I had the upper hand when I didn't respond to all of his compliments. I was who suggested being friends bc I don't really want him back as a boyfriend now that he has been so awful. I really do miss our friendship but I guess he's not who I thought he was so that doesn't exist. So is he making me sweat? I know I shouldn't care but he was a huge part of my life and now he won't even look at me.

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  • Men are just jerks

  • Just move on.


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