WHAT? Is Up With This Dude?

So I completely stopped talking to this guy. The one in my previous posts. The loser who used me for money told me that he didn't want or need me and didn't want to speak to me. So I honored his wishes. I didn't call him, text, him or contacted him for weeks. I was actually to the point where I can live my life without being upset at him and not want him like I used to. I haven't even dated anyone. I've just been doing me. So out the blue I get a call from a private number and I answered because I wanted to know who was calling me from a private number and why. I should have know it was going to be him. I really forgot about him thats why it never crossed my mind! But he calls me just to tell me he has a girlfriend, and how he loves her and how he "made love" to her and her p***y was better than mine and she has a bigger a** than me. Then when I hung up on him he proceeded to send me text messages about how "he won." My question is, why is he going out of his way to tell me this? I have made NO contact with him ever he told me he didn't want to talk to me anymore and that was three or four weeks ago, I think, I honestly really dont know. I know some people will say to ger a reaction out of me but if you dont want to speak to me then why do you need my reaction? This is going to be my last post about this slimeball ass loser but I just dont get why he's doing this. I'm playing it off, but on the inside it's really pissing me off. Not that he has a "girlfriend" just the fact that he called me on a peaceful night of playing video games just to piss me off. Any real honest answers are appreciated!


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  • He did it to get a reaction out of you. He seems insecure and that he enjoys putting others down or making it seem like "he won" to feel better about himself. He also wanted to see if he still had control over you. When he told you about this new girl if your emotions were flaring and he could tell that you were mad or sad then it gives him a boost but if you showed no emotion it shows that you don't care and have moved on. It's best to cut contact from now on and don't respond to texts or answer calls from an unknown number

    • What would he need my reaction for? If I started dating someone. I wouldn't go out of my way to let him know it. I would just be happy with the person I'm I'm with. If I haven't contacted you and hung up the phone when you called. Obviously that means I don't care.

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    • Lol girl you're the one who asked ME for your help and I gave you my opinion and now you want to get an attitude? Talking about I'm quick to bring up insecurities. I brought it up bc it's obvious that you are. If I can see this and I don't know you then I guarantee these men in your life can definitely see it too. But girl bye continue having your man problems I'm not about to tolerate your disrespect

    • If I thought I was better because I was in a relationship then I would have never said to message me if you needed help with anything on the last post... Seems to me like you're just a bitter woman who's mad bc she can't find a man and wants to take it out on everyone else

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  • He clearly cares about you, but not in a good way. He cares to know that he can have power over you, that he can upset you, because it can feed his ego. Just text him saying: Listen, I don't really particularly care because you weren't much of a lover anyway, and you can't imagine the kind of love I've been receiving. So, go fuck your girlfriend's big fat ass while I laugh and show all of my friends the messages you sent so we can make jokes about what an asshole you are. Then block his number.

  • Be happy, he's still thinking about you while you forgot he even exists lol. You should have laughed before you hung up the phone, it would have really gotten to him. Don't let it show that he's getting to you. Block his number or have a guy friend answer next time and tell him you've moved on as well. He sounds soooo immature. He would get to him even more if you told him he was bad in bed. For future reference don't let people use you for your money. :)


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