Boyfriend broke up with me because he felt like we grew apart? Opinions/advice?

I've been dating this guy for a year and a half almost. And as you can imagine, we've broke up many times because I believe his anxiety conflicts him to be really indecisive and he's dealing with stress as well, which makes him moody and he'll break up with me due to our age difference, though he claims he loves me to death and cares about me deeply. He's 34, and I'm 19.(Yes, I know, some people don't approve of age difference but I love him regardless.) When my cousin talked to him he told her he thinks we grew apart. What can I do to change this? Avoid him and not have contact? Because he said he wanted to still be friends at least. Or is this just his anxiety talking? He still hasn't found the right meds to make him happy.


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  • I think it is because of the age difference! 15 years of age difference is too much... and even if you love him his maturity level and yours is different... Your life and his life is a bit different... And thats why he felt that you two grew apart...

    I think you should date a guy around you age! As for him he may or may not come back..! I suggest you move on


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  • first of all age difference's ok as long as u like each other.

    i think it has to do wid his stess mostly... but isn't he on meds as u say.. guess once he'll be in meds and give it a try to get rid of his anxiety he'll come back to u.


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