Guys- What do you consider to be cheating?

- At what point after dating someone would you consider it wrong to see other people?

- What specific things would you consider cheating? Kissing? Hugging? Going to a strip club? Emotional 'cheating'?

I'm just curious what the differences are between guys and girls on this.


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  • Well cheating is a huge word to describe,but I'll put an example,when you look at other men you're not cheating,we men got jealous but that's not cheating,you're cheating when a guy is looking at you and you look back at him and smile or something that could give him the chance to think you like him,if you want me to be more specific,put me in a situation and then I'll answer more accurately to this question.Hope my answer was helpful

  • I love double-standards myself. I am a constant flirt -- and I have kissed other girls outside of my relationship. I don't consider that cheating though - when it comes to me. If my wife were to behave the way I behave, I would be tempted to consider it cheating. Men are protective, possessive, and illogical.

    Hugging is not cheating. Kissing is not cheating, but it is on the verge. For me, cheating happens when genitalia is involved. Anything shy of that may be questionable, but it is not cheating. Prior to that level, nothing has occurred that can't be forgiven.

    But I am sure there are people who will strongly disagree with me.


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