Should I move in with him?

My boyfriend and I been going out for almost 8 months now, we are engaged, we love each other dearly! He is such an amazing lover, so sweet and caring. We are in a long distance relationship right now, We fight and argue a lot! (almost ever time we talk) we mostly fight because we miss each other, and because we can't talk this long distance b.s ! I haven't seen each other in 5 months. Well he have been talking to me about moving in with him to Chicago (where he lives) he wants me too so bad! He also said if I moved in with him his life would be so much better and happier... But I don't know if I should?! I love him so much and I miss him more then I have ever missed anyone. What should I do? Move in with him? No? Maybe...?

by the way am 18 and his 23 and I live in Florida. If that even matters lol.

p.s He wants me to move in with him beginning of January 2010!


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  • 8 Months + Fighting + Engagement = Disaster waiting to happen

    If you move in with him now, you're risking your own sanity. I have a gut feeling that the situation would become either physically or emotionally abusive. Regardless of how sweet he is - please refrain for at least another year before making such a hefty effort.

    Additionally - this will benefit your relationship (and future marriage) to postpone living with him. You could move close to him, but in your own apartment - that way the long distance thing isn't still happening

    Best regards,



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  • Absolutely not. You've only been going out for 8 months and haven't seen each other in five, that's not a relationship worthy of moving in let alone being engaged. I think you two need to stop rushing things because it doesn't sound like this is going to work out.


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  • Honestly, I don't think you should. I believe your reltionship is moveing too fast. I have felt that type of love and its weird it makes you feel crazy about the person, when you get away from it though you realize how the love makes you sick. I don't know that's my expirence and opinion.


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