How do I get over someone I never dated?

This guy and I met online and we were really close and he started to develop feelings for me and I did for him and I guess I really fell for him and he at one point, before I fell for him he fell for me first. He asked what would I say if he asked me out I told him I would say yes. This guy has continuously been telling our friend who introduced how he liked me and she kept screen shorting it and sending it to me even though I told her to stop showing me it. Then one day, he just didn't seem like he wanted to talk to me anymore. And now I help getting over my him, I guess he's an ex almost. But it hurts so bad. How do I get over this?


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  • It's pretty common at your age. I too had these kinds of crushes when I was a teen. Just give it some time, it'll pass. And minimise interactions with him as much as you can.


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  • You are so young!!! Meet real people at school in clubs young kids go to at church in the neighborhood. Develop real friendships. And remember at your age you have no control parents move life changes and you really can't hold anything tightly without getting hurt. You can't move with him. You can't change schools you need to get a job and a life of your own before you get that caught up in anyone. I was 19 in my first real relationship and his mother controlled him emotionally threatening suicide cause she was jealous I was so pure and sweet and loved by her son and she was an addict a basket case! He was controlled by her mentally and I know he always regretted that choice. And always loved me and I was a mental mess over it. Even as adults in that case we had little control. I hate to see kids get caught up when they have no control over their circumstances. Real boys are better I assure you!


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