When a guy says he's been busy, has he really been?

I met a guy from a dating site. We talked a lot over the span of two weeks. Then I went to go stay with him for the weekend. I even met his friends and family and he bought every meal for me over the weekend. He even told me, before I left, to let him know the next time I'd be in town (since I live 3 hrs away and I'm trying to move back to the area, but not for him). Then I noticed after I left, we weren't talking as much. He wasn't calling every night like he was and wasn't texting me as much. So I texted him yesterday. I sent him a casual "Hey, how are you doing? Haven't really heard from you much lately.." sorta text. He replies and is like, "Hey! Sorry I've been really busy but hopefully this weekend will lighten up :-\ How are you?" I told him I had an interview a while ago, and he asked me how it went. Does that sound like a genuine "I'm busy" or just doesn't want to talk to me?


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  • Of course. Don't take it personally.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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