Guys, I just saw my ex on Friday night and I want to get back together, so is it too soon to text him tonight?

Another thing is I don't want to come off as pushy or clingy. What should I think? HELP!!


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  • If you want to get back together, just move on. If you break up once, you're GOING to break up again. Why do you think it's a bad idea to walk up to a married couple of 50 years and ask them how many times they broke up and separated and got back together?

    • Breaking up n back togther is good sometime. Get more experience dude

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    • I didn't say that it could work a second time. I mean, if the relationship was stable, why would you break up? I see people get back with their ex's and break up with them again constantly, let alone when they break up and get back together so many times that it's not even funny. My brother and his ex broke up, then got back together and then, predictably, broke up again; the girl I had my first real crush on went through a breakup with her ex, got back together with him, had a baby with him and then... broke up again; the girl I have a crush on now broke up with her ex twice (the first time because he did drugs behind her back, and the second time because he cheated on her) and got back together with him twice, and I'm HOPING that she doesn't go back to him a THIRD time since she broke up with him a THIRD time a month ago. This is just how I feel about it, and I'd hate for you to go through the same kind of emotional pain.

    • We'll thank you

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  • It really depend why you two broke up. If is it over dispute and misunderstand or need space or trouble in relationship then yes. If something like dating other guy, or you never effort to the relationship then is no

    • We just needed space I guess

  • All you really need to do is text him something. If you don't think "hey" will work then ask how he is. Something simple. If he responds then go from there.

    • I am but my question is, is it too soon. I don't want to be pushy, clingy, or come on too strong.

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    • Oh. That's not much of a change though. It's such a small part of your discussion. If you analize everything closley your going to stress yourself out. At this point you've done all you can. It's all on him now.

    • Isn't it that he wants to see and hang out with me now a days

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