I'm still in love with my ex?

It's been nearly a year and a half and I'm with someone else but I constantly think of my ex, I'm always just breaking into tears when I think too much of him. It's normal or not? Do you still have feelings for that one person even though you've moved on?


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  • I've been in that situation a little bit. Me and my ex broke up about that long ago too. Had knew her for 7 years so when we broke up it had a long term effect because I was getting to get to know this girl but I kept thinking about my ex and stopped talking to her. Even though we didn't talk on the same timeframe you broke up with your ex. Well if you loved that person for a while course you'll still think about them. But that person you still have feelings for, it can cause problems if that person tries talking to you while your with the guy your dating.


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  • Firstly. you should have more respect for yourself and your partner than to date someone else. They would hate to be with someone who loves another, and you aren't allowing yourself to deal with your feelings for your ex in a healthy way. You can't possibly have a healthy, functional, happy relationship with your current partner, if you haven't found closure from your last.


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  • Yep i still have feelings for her because something keeps telling me that it ended too early and there was more that was supposed to happen between us. I should blame no one but myself though. Probably why i'm still thinking about it and sometimes even regretting things -_-

  • its normal. just dont think too hard or do anything irrational... it will most likely pass over with time


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