It's been 7 weeks since he broke up with me and I did 30 days no contact?

I texted him on the 30th day
it was pleasant conversation.
I told Id found a funny photo of him he asked how I was doing
(we are both moving back to the same school to get our masters degree on friday}
I asked if he'd like to join in on a drink he said he can't he made plans for tonight thank though
I left it with "have fun"
My mind is a mess. I love him. I do everything you're suppose to do after a break up but think feeling isn't getting any easier. I thought within the 30 days Id hear from him, that he'd miss me but nothing. Everyone says wait until you both are back at school. If he doesn't want to hang out with me now what is magically want him to see me then? If he wanted to see me he'd see me.


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  • ex only contact each other because theyre weak. its gets tough so they tell themselves excuses to continue.

    its been done and done but its normal

    • I contact his because I was us to reconcile

    • yah you tell yourself it was just a fight or you start wanting to see justification to reconcile while you guys tried everything leading up to the breakup lol its normal as i said... to need reproof y'all ain't for each other lol

    • Everyone was fine before the break up. He was away on a trip texting me he loves me, we got into a fight and then after he worked out with his friend he broke up with me.

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  • Don't torture yourself by getting back in contact. When it's over, it's over. The only time you should ever keep an ex's contact is if there are kids involved. Otherwise, just lose his number and move on completely.


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  • Well he broke up with you.
    He was ready to move on.
    You can't hold on to no hope.
    Why did he do so in the first place?

    • We got into an argument and he went to work out with a friend and came back broke up with me telling me our relationship is unhealthy. I know that both his brother and his friend encouraged the break up because they think all he should be concentrating on is school. He was crying and told me he loves me while breaking up with me.

  • You should move on.


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