Why is that in getting back together with my ex it feels like we're making progress in person but then when we're not in person it doesn't?

Make me feel so confident because we don't talk as much?


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  • It is interesting that you said it "feels" as if we're making progress. Your evaluation of the situation would be what you think. You are focused on your feelings and you are probably comparing the way you feel now to the way that you felt during the breakup. Of course, having someone in your life feels better. . . but that doesn't mean that it is progress. When you are away from him, you are probably being more cognitive and less emotive and you realize that nothing much has really changed.

    • We'll when we're together he acts as he did when we were a couple

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    • When couples reunite after a breakup, they almost always encounter the same problems that led to the original breakup. And if you ask them why they are doing it, they will always say "Because we are in love," and they all think they are different than all the other couples who tried to reunite and fail. I am not trying to rain on your parade, but you need to be realistic about the chances of success.

    • I am and it can work because right now we are not encountering the same problems we broke up with. What we broke up with has nothing to do with what we're doing now. So I'm confident that it can work but I just need him to contact me more and I don't know how to make that happen?

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  • Tell him to talk to you more often.

    • It won't change anything, I tried to say that in so many words

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  • as the anon said.. tell him to talk with ya more, you get me fam?


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