Is my ex having a hard time letting go?

It's been nearly two weeks! Leave me alone. He's calling me a stalker, texting my mom telling her I sneak out in the middle of the night to sell drugs for sex and now he's saying he's looking back with disgust, calling me a joke. He's the one faking a rebound relationship, saying he's going places when he hasn't even left the house... every time he makes a mean remark, he deletes it after 20min and posts an article about depression.

he's ew the one that broke it off, it was his fault regardless. He's the one with the drug addiction. And he chose that over me.


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  • Are you a drug seller? Is he a drug addicted?
    Do you smoke drugs too?


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  • He is this Sad and bad sore sport here, dear, who is having a hard time in Being alone because he cannot face life 'Alone' with someone who Used to Enable him and his drug habits and is Mad at himself and Eating his words now because He... Chose that over me.
    Ignore him, he needs desperate help. Tell mom to end the madness by her either pushing a button on her own end by threatening to get for harassment or tell her to block this blockhead.
    If it Continues down this beaten path, file a report that he is harassing you as well and put an end to the madness.
    Don't Enable him any more than you have to for him to Retaliate with his Problem child Pattern. He knows he goofed up by losing the best thing that has ever happened to him but with his Big boy Problem, he would rather live with That than And... Live without you but yet make your life a living hell as though he can have his cake and Eat it Two.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Yes he is.