Should we break up?

I met this girl 7-8 months ago through a mutual friend. She is really awesome, we are very much alike and we have loads of fun together! We both just came out of 4 year relationships and neither of us wanted to jump into something new, we just planned on expanding our friends circle a bit. Well we developed some love for one another already and started dating about a month ago. But now im starting to have doubts and feeling trapt, not because of how she acts just because we put the boyfriend/girlfriend label on it! I know i would be a fool to break it off and risk losing her but at the same time i feel like i need to stay single so I can focus on my daughter and for once, ME! I just dont know if im ready for a serious relationship yet and im sure that's what this will grow into if I dont do something, but I dont know what to do! I have told her about my confusion and she didn't have any advice... any suggestions?


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  • Just break up.

    • Even if that means we might not have another shot? I dont know if Im just overthinking things cuz she is a great girl i just dont know if i can decide if im ready for a serious relationship while we are already dating! :/

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  • I would just tell her honestly that you aren't sure you're ready for a commitment yet. It's better to nip it in the bud quickly because if it becomes a problem then you two may never have a healthy relationship.

    • I did tell her, im 100% honest with her because above all I value her friendship, and she still wants to keep dating so it makes it a bit confusing. she's still willing to take the risk, but i feel trappes cuz i spent 10 years between 3 women, so I wouldn't mind being single for awhile

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  • Your priority is your daughter. If this relationship is getting in the way of that, then I would not recommend continuing the relationship. What you will lose from it will be far less than what you will lose if you neglect yourself and your daughter.

    • I wouldn't say she comes between my daughter, but maybe between me a little... im already limiting how flirty im being, not that she asked me to, just out of respect for her, and thats kinda why i wanted to be single for awhile so i could flirt with a clear conscious lol

  • I can't imagine she would want you to feel trapped. I'm sure she'd rather you broke up with her then continue on this way.

    • I didn't think so either, but i did tell her i was feeling that way. And its not because of anything she did, more that im feeling just a little rushed jumping back into a commitment like a relationship... still confusing though lol

    • If she's got half a brain she will understand. Plus you need to do what is right for you.

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