Why is he suddenly ignoring me when he insisted on being friends?

About three months ago this guy dumped me stating that he thought we would be better as friends. I really liked him and didn't think this was a decent reason so I was very upset and told him I needed space. He was very apologetic and would text every few days to check in. I decided to be friends after a couple of weeks and we hung out a couple more times since then and we only texted 2-3 times a week as opposed to talking on the phone almost everyday when we were dating. Now suddenly he stopped texting and won't respond to my texts. I texted him almost a week ago: zero response. I came across him on Tinder so I know his phone works fine. Perhaps he met someone new, but I just feel this is crappy, especially since I pointed out that he was just trying to be nice and he claimed that he genuinely wanted to be friends and we've been talking this whole time. I'm hurt all over again and not sure how to handle this.


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  • Time to move on. Wasn't worth it in the first place. You're profile says you're 28. That's great. Go out and have fun. Maybe you can spend a day are two thinking it over but the reality is the worlds running away and it doesn't make sense to waste time on some dude who is probably into some other chick because he's not the only one with a life; you have one too. Remember that.

    • Not sure what my age has to do with it but he did call me on Tues and told me that his cousin got into a serious accident and he had been in the hospital with him so I think that's understandable but thanks for the advice!

    • I was saying you're 28, still with your life ahead of you so go have fun. If it wasn't really a big deal then that's great.

  • He dumped you and tried being friends with you but you couldn't handle it so you tried testing him to see if he was serious. You thought he wasn't serious and when you found out he was serious about not dating you it broke your heart again. Just stay clear from him and if it's meant to be it will be

    • I knew he was serious. I'm dating someone new. But why say you want to be friends and keep up communication if you really didn't mean it?

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    • And when I pointed out that he wasn't serious about being friends, I said that when he was initially breaking up with me, not later on. Sorry I can see how that's confusing.

    • Well wether he is or not don't look desperate by giving him the satisfaction of thinking you care

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