He says he won't be with me again because of our history. He admits to it hurting him a lot to move on, but is seriously trying to. What can I do?

We have been in long distance for the most part of 3 years and recently he decided moving on from this relationship was what he wanted. He says he doesn't want to get back together because of our history which includes intense, and constant arguments over long distance, threatening to break up, or threatening to hurt myself. He is trying to get a new girlfriend at the moment. We planned a trip for him to come, and he is still coming because he can't refund the plane tickets, but says he won't see me. What can I do so we can see each other when he arrives next month?


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  • He doesn't want to see you. Respect what he wants and leave him alone. And have enough self respect than to try to force him into a relationship with you. He wasn't happy with it so he doesn't have to stay with you, let it go with dignity.

  • You are not the right person for him to be with. He is not the right person for you to be with. It's time to move on.

    Any time you feel compelled to blackmail/threaten/control (i. e. abuse) someone in a relationship, that's a sure-fire sign that you're in the wrong relationship. It also may be a sign that you have some work you need to do on yourself before you're ready to be in a proper relationship.

    The relationship is over as soon as one of you stops trying to make it work, and he has stopped.


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