Is getting back with an ex bad?

So i notice many people here are totally against guys breaking up with a girl and then the girl wanting him back. Well my ex and i are working things out after he broke up with me. is this bad?


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  • No, @shadyb, it may even be to your Advantage the Second time around, with nursing and nurturing the Beginning of a new Beguine, than could be Better than before.
    What is 'Bad,' you could say, is when it is Only a Friends with benefits factor and that's All the Ex would want to Mark an X in his Own... Softie spot and take terrible Advantage.
    Good luck and blessings. xx


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  • It depends on the reason you broke up, honestly. If it's something you can forgive each other for (& take steps to ensure it won't happen again), then the relationship stands a chance at working. If not, then it doesn't and would be a waste of time to try.

    One thing to consider though: Why weren't you able to work it out while you were still IN the relationship?

  • It depends on why you two broke it off.

    Some are able to work it out.

    I would not take my ex back though.
    If we were to work it out, a break up wouldn't have been needed.


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