They say life isn't fair and they are right?

Being constantly trolled online by my ex friends with benefits and his new girlfriend. what did I ever do to either of them to be followed about and put down? I have ignored them and if I have responded I've never called either names just curtly told them to leave me alone. I found out he has just had a baby with her so don't know why they both continue to do this,. my only crime was I fell in love with him and being hounded and punished as if I've done something bad.. im getting angry and want to lash out and expose this pair but it's against the law and due to my location there isn't really a crime against stalking someone.. so I have to put up having my confidence smashed and im depressed it's getting to point I feel I can't go on anymore. I've no one to talk to about this and don't have many friends to warn them off me.

Advice please.. is there anything such as karma.. they aren't getting bored any time soon it's been months..

help please
I've had it about my age being a few years older than him, my body because I've had kids it's not as it was, the colour of my hair (natural redhead) that im a bitch a slut etc, im wide, not good in bed, I smell, im fat, ugly and on and on...


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  • Its a nasty situation your in, but your a re doing the right thing by not rising to there bait. Have you tried blocking them on social media? or reporting them for abuse? Am more than happy to listen if you need someone to talk to

    • BLocked them they make up new accounts

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    • Live in the uk the laws a joke

    • Yeah, it is a joke isn't it

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  • "They say life isn't fair and they are right?"
    Yes. The sky is also blue and bread now comes in the conveniently sliced variety.

    Warning: Tough Love Answer Incoming

    Okay, I'm not going to lie- I read this question and I was really shocked to look up and see you're not a teenager.

    1) You need to woman up. The only way these crazy b*tches can ruin your confidence is if you let them. I've had people call me all sorts of racist/sexist terms (I live in a predominantly White neighborhood and work in a predominantly male field) and cr@p like that only works if you let it get to you. A$$hats like that talk smack because they're trying to get a rise out of you.

    2) If you're motivated enough to fight back, you really need to be more creative about how you're doing it. If it's illegal to do it where you are, change locations temporarily and then do it (or ask someone in a different location to do it for you).

    3) Learn how to use the filters on your social media accounts or delete them altogether. Almost all social media has ways to limit who can post on your account (e. g. "Friends Only"). If you're seeing these things they're posting then either A) You're actively looking for their comments, or B) You aren't making full use of the site's ability to limit interactions between parties.

    4) If you are genuinely depressed, seek professional help. Depression can ruin your life because it eliminates any/all motivation you have to actually do something practical about your negative situation.

    • Been bullied all my life by both white male and females, it's not easy just go somewhere temporarily when I've no one to go to.. I've a job and kids to support I don't have many friends and the ones I do have probably wouldn't care if I went missing. Im not seeing these things they are sending thn to me directly through dating sites and the such. Doctor gives me medication that makes me fall asleep while im asleep whose going to take care of my children? So it's not easy those suggestions you've given.. I mean imagine going through life where every person that was supposed to love and care for you has hurt you, yes im not a teenager im an adult, who is clinging on to hope that he will regret the hurt he's caused, he knows he's doing it but rather than stopping keeps it going.. growing up my tough love off my own father was being punched in the face at least with that sorta *love* I knew where I stood

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  • hmm turn the tables. If I was you I would simply start talking about how good he was in bed. That would:
    1) mess up his relationship
    2) make them not want to hear from you


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  • How are they contacting you? If it's online then just shut them out. Shut accounts and don't respond. They want a response, incredibly pathetic. Surely they should be parenting and not acting like ten year old girls.

  • Delete your social media accounts. Block and report them.

  • So, your ex boyfriend and his girlfriend stalks you online

    • Laugh at them it's clear they are crazy, and she's stupid. He convinced her to follow you all day, and she thinks he loves her. Ha haha.. she doesn't get it huh?

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    • Why would they, that's extremely crazy

    • I don't know why maybe both a bit cuckoo

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