Who wants to live in Antartica?


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  • Not really do you?

    • Yeah why not. It's peaceful there and you can have penguins :P

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    • Hmm. calm down brother.
      One can't live an artificial way of life.
      Men and women both need each other. But both have to correct themselves. :-)

    • I don't need women and never will. The way most of them treat me and many other men is discusting and sick that is why I have pretty much given up on women and am focusing my engery on animals which have been good to me.

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  • Actually I really want to go and see Antartica, even though I know it's really cold there. But I don't want to live there.

    • You should go there. I believe that one should try to explore as many places as one can. You gain experience and its a learning

    • I know.. One of my goals in the world is to travel the world before i die

    • That's nice. Good luck with that

  • Thought about but then realized my body won't be able to handle the coldness.

  • I would like to visit. To see the Aurora.

  • I would like to actually, I've always been fascinated by the beautiful environment and I love the cold. Plus I'm from a veeery cold country so I'm used to it.

    • I love to live in the cold countries
      I would love to go and live in the North. North which is described in the (Game of Thrones)

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