Should I tell my ex I have his cd?

I found my exes cd the other day and debating I should tell him I have it. we've been done for a yr now. He dumped me cuz of possibly moving. He wanted to friends and were for alil and then changed his mind. Debating about keeping it for myself lol


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  • is he an artist and realised a CD?

    anyway if he gave it to u as a present then it's urs by default

    • No it was his and I borrowed it to load it on my ipod

    • then give it back since it's technically his

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  • ... We've been done for a yr now.
    Save it, Play it, yes, 'Keeping it for myself.' Why put on the same old disk again, when everything for a year and still counting has Been... Music to your ears?
    It's Obvious to me as I am humming your song, that you have moved on and It's... So long.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Make a copy if you wish. But then return them.


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