Should I breakup with her?


I've been in this relationship for over 2 years now. Tbh it's really a text message relationship kind of thing, cause we only communicate by phone text/calls. We've had one date (movie) and she fell asleep. "One" date because every other time I tried to go some place with her she would find excuses so I stopped trying. Besides that in public (school) she act's like she doesn't know me since she doesn't want anyone to know about us. We see eachother like at least twice a month for sex. I'm really thinking about breaking up with her cause it's not a healthy. I tried before, she said she would change but didn't and she puts no effort into our relationship like she doesn't care. I love her a lot she's my bestfriend but I'm having the feeling she doesn't really love me like she says so often cause if she did she wouldn't mind people knowing we're together, she would introduce me to her parents aftet all this time and seeing that I introduce her to mines. It feels like I'm locked up in her basement in chains while she's saying "you'll get out soon" but I never do. But there are a couple things that are making want to stay like first of all the SEX it's really great, the fact that she's with me even tho I'm broke as hell (she doesn't know that), knowing I will never found another girlfriend after her, and if do breakup with i'll be in great pain and lonely cause she was my only friend.

Any advice please?


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  • I would talk to her about how you feel, Tell her your ready to walk away if things dont change. Take it from there.

    • The sad thing is I've tried that already. Telling her how I feel, telling her she needs start showing love instead of just saying it. She'd always say she'll change but once again it was only words. I feel like an idiot for being really addicted to someone like that

    • Then, Leave

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  • Break up..


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  • first of all have u ever thought she might be feelin ashamed about her parents and that's da reason she doesn't wanna introduce u? or maybe they r strict?

    also i guess she feels ashamed doin "couple-ish" stuff wid u in publc... anyway if u feel uncomfortable being wid her and it seems like u enjoy only sex from her... then i'd suggest goin for friends with benefits... how about it?

    • Yeah I've thought of that, but she hides me from everyone even her friends and siblings... In public we barely talk so I think it's deeper than "ashamed doin "couple-ish" stuff". Well sex is the only time where we're really close and I feel loved so besides that there's nothing I share with her.

    • ok then i guess friends with benefits would be ideal for u

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