Here we go again... Another round?

My ex girlfriend has had a new boyfriend for 5 months now. We didn't text or talk for 3 of those, because I respected her dating. I didn't like it, but I respected her and let it be. Plus I knew there wasn't anything I could do about it. She has been texting me over the past 2 months but still has boyfriend. She has blocked me on fb several times and unblock me a week later. She only started blocking and unblocking me when she started dating this guy. She even deactivated her fb for weeks at a time too. Now last week she blocked me again when I told her I still had feelings for her. She replied with, we are only friends and I haven't led you on. That is the last I have heard from her. She then blocked me shortly after the text. Now this week she unblocks me on fb. Did I do something wrong by telling her how I feel? Or does she still have feeling for me? She shows all the classic signs she still likes me. For example, text me on bday, made sure I was ok during a family event that was several years ago, texts me while she has a boyfriend, asks me how my day was and how I have been. My friends have said, she has definitely led me on with her texts. I have asked her hang out, called her, but the only way she will respond is through text messaging. We have been broken up for 9 months now. Not a bad breakup, right girl, wrong time. I want her back but i know I still have to ride it out with her and this guy. I have always heard rebounds last up to 6 months. She is fall hard in love type of girl too. What do you all think? Not fb friends either. She still hasn't said she has a boyfriend to me. Why wouldn't an ex just say she has a boyfriend to me if she wanted me to go away?


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  • I think you should just move on and life you life for the time being. she's sending clear signs thats she doesn't want to talk right now. I would just left her come to you when she's ready.

    • I feel like she is sending mixed signals, but yes I did plan to leave her be for the time being.

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  • Honestly the best thing to do is not answer her. If she doesn't want to meet you, then that is not a good thing. Enjoy your life and work on yourself. Tell yourself you can get other girls. Yes she still cares about you, but it seems like you are around as a backup plan. You are better than that. Get out there and be happy...


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