Why does he keep coming back?

My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for 9 months. 4 of those months he just sent me dick pics and videos claiming he wants to be "friends" and saying" If you ever need dick dont hesitate to ask". I finally got mad and just blocked him on every social network. We have a little fight about that and he goes on his way.

3 months later He sends me a text testing the water. We chat it doesn't get sexual then thats it.
He texts me again a month later I dont reply.

So I asked him to borrow something and he gives me an attitude saying "You can't text me to say hi or anything" blah blah

So I talk to him to kinda shut him up we talk for 7 hours then he says "You still gotta have sex with me on the roof"
I said "Roof?"
He said "Yea, You promised when we were together"
I said "Hummmm"

Im no longer surprised when he does stuff like this im use to it. I just thought 9 MONTHS LATER we would be pass this. At one point I wanted to work it out but I feel if we got together he would be with me for sex and I would be with him because I love him.


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  • He doesn't want you back. He just wants sex.

    Think about it - it is much easier for a guy to go up to an ex-girlfriend and say "have sex with me", than for him to go up to any other woman and say "have sex with me." It's both easier for him to say and more likely that you will agree. I mean, If some strange dude just came up to you and said that, you would probably slap him or give him the finger or just walk away. But if your ex came up to you and said that, you consider it (and come online to ask about it).

    • Yea, I have not have sex with him since when been broken up and yet he still tries.

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  • he can't forget you.


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