Can I go on dates with other guys?

I was with my ex for 7 months (I've known him for a year now), and he broke up with me because he logged into my Facebook & seen that I told my friend that I could do better than him & that he was was a downgrade. I had no idea he knew my password and I said that as a joke like obviously if I meant what I said, I wouldn't of been with him. He literally told this girl last month that he only goes to me for a good time so we're as bad as each other! Anyways I know I was in the wrong so I sent him paragraphs of aplologiies which took me an hour to write & he left them all on the sent without reading them! So now I'm leaving him alone & giving his space but i won't see him for another 3 weeks because he's on holidays. I want him back but does this mean I can't go on dates with other guys? Because I tried my best to get him to forgive me so I feel like giving up & moving on. I don't know how he feels about me & I really feel guilty because I promised that id wait for him to come back & i haven't seen him in 4 weeks but now there's no point sticking to it because we're not together but I'll have no chance getting him back if I kissed another guy or something like that. So what should I do? Wait for him & confront him in 3 weeks or move on?


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  • If you want him back, you won't go for other men.

    • I definitely won't. I'll wait.

    • Good. If things change then by all means see other guys, but not if you are keen on getting him back.

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  • I'd say that his reaction is justified, and frankly I think you're a moron for saying that to your friend, even if you were 'joking' which sounds like BS to me.

    In case your idiocy on the matter was in doubt, you want him back but you're considering going on dates with other men. Are you freaking kidding me? What do you think would go through his mind if you got back together and he found out you dated other men?

    I'll give you an answer: he's gonna think you couldn't find anyone better on short notice and decided to settle again for the downgrade until you find someone on your level.

    He might not get back with you and I can't blame him if he doesn't because you fucked up big time. But if you are serious about wanting him back, I'd recommend that you bury any notion of dating other men until you know decide that it's not worth trying to get back with him.

    What you do is up to you but I recommend that you make a decision quick and stick with it.

    • Yes I know I was stupid in saying what I said & believe me I feel extremely horrible for saying that because he's the complete opposite of a downgrade. I didn't think it'd hurt him though because he's the type to joke about serious things. He's hurt me by saying to another girl that I'm the girl he goes to for a "good time" but that's besides the point. I don't necessarily want to go on dates with other men but I'm not sure of his feelings for me, I really love him & we've gone through more serious shit but I didn't think he'd end it all over this. The fact that I can't even confront him about it as he's in another country is killing me. I don't want to wait around & be faithful for it all to pushed back into my face because that'll hurt me more. I think I'll just give guys a rest for awhile and wait for him because he's my first love and I honestly didn't mean to hurt him.

    • Maybe explain it all to a mutual friend and hope he'll talk to your boyfriend. I think it may be hard to convince someone that what you said was a joke but it is worth a try.

  • You fucked up and now its costing you


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  • Move on never wait on a guy

  • Move on. Find someone better for you.


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