Guys, HELP!!! I'M Worried Because I Don't know what is going on with my ex and me?

I believe my ex likes me because we always have a good time together and just by the things he does. So I want to get back together and we might be In the process of doing that right now I'm not sure.

The problem is he doesn't anewer my texts or text me let alone to talk or just hang out. It's mostly me and that worries me because I thought he liked me and maybe wanted to give us another try but I'm not sure eighter. I also don't want him to meet some other girl because I feel like this can really work.

Now he is hardly ever on Facebook and I feel like he comes home and goes to bed but I'm still worried.


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  • 1. He is your ex. . . for a reason. You two tried and it didn't work. If you try again, you will probably reach the same conclusion.

    2. If he wanted to spend more time with you, he would be doing that. . . but he isn't. That means he is just not into you. He may be wanting to keep you available as a booty call, but don't mistake that for love or a relationship.

    3. The fact that you WANT it to work doesn't mean that it CAN work. That is called wishful thinking and it is what everyone does when they go back to an ex. Wishful thinking has never worked for other couples trying to rekindle a flame.

    4. In this case, you only have one-half of the couple trying to rekindle the flame.

    5. It is time to move on.

    • 1 His actions say a lot when we hang out.

      2. Couples do get back together and they stay together.

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    • How are you so certain I will?

    • Huh?

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  • After reading the responses I have to agree. Talk to him. And by talking I mean talking instead of texting. Call him and ask him if you can have an honest talk about the situation. As others said, something like this is more important to discuss rather than texting.

    You may find out he's been busy and he feels the same way or you may not get the answer you're hoping for but in either case you'll be able to move on. I wish you luck!

    • We'll he always tells me that he is busy but all the time lol when we're in person he acts just like he did when we were together so I think he has some kind of feelings for me? I can not bring it up directly again because I did before and he rejected me at the time. can't I DO It IN A Subtler Way?

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    • I'm not saying anything. And the comment was regarding your comment you made about not wanting it all to be for nothing.

      Like I told you, only you know. It almost seems like you're looking for validation and I can't give you anything definitive.

      All I said was if you feel that you don't like waiting around, move on.

    • I'm just asking if you think it's going to turn into a something?

  • the only way to know what is really going on is to talk to him and get a little more idea whats going on

    • I tried and he saids he didn't get my text or forgot that he didn't reply

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    • What am I questioning I just said I can't ask him to try again and I did ask if he still liked me?

    • this is one of those rare situation that come up that I just can't help figure out. I have offered all the advice that I can think of , if you can't find any of it useful I'm sorry but I am at my wits end with it. Good luck

  • Hm, perhaps he doesn't want to get back or he unsure if he does. I think that you should talk to him about it the next time you manage to talk to him.

    • He tells me he didn't get my text or forgot that he didn't reply

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    • Yeah then wouldn't you want to try and get her back especially if you like her?

    • Probably not, I like her but I'd assume that she didn't want to be with me and I'd respect her decision, even if it hurts.

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