I'm not sure what to do?

I'm angry, hurt... I'm so mad he's not here for me.
Why can't things be normal for us? Why can't he feel the way I do about him? I let him know each and every time we speak how I'm so grateful for him, I tried my best to be apart of his world, even if it wasn't romantic feelings involved, I was his friend,.
Why doesn't he love me enough to talk to me, like I did with him originally and kept dealing with his
heart ache.. he's broke my heart more than once, cause of rejection, neglect, and at times a lack of respect. Why did he change on me... why can't he see that the things he's said and done hurt me.
Why can't he apologize? why He changed and step back first, he pushed me away first, I fought for him.
I've been so confused And now that I've realized he actually never loved me, he won't let me leave. He's changed again. But why is he changing me
Lies and propaganda. .. and trust me you will be the one moaning, begging for my mercy. Or to give it to you more
There's no pic, just ur stomach pic


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  • leave him.. and take me

    • I'm trying to let him go, he's all over me. Invades my thoughts. I've never been obsessed. And I'm addicted, not to the pain. But to the love he gives when he shares it with me. His loving his words, the way he looks at me it drives me insane. He's so ooooooooo good at loving me when he has time, he's such a son of a bitch

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    • so how have u been

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  • he's a jer fam leave him, you get me fam?

  • What happened? What did he do that hurt you?

    • He won't listen, he doesn't see how I crave him. He pretends those feeling don't exsist, he act like we are only friends. But I can tell he wants more, and he wants me to give him more over and over and over again but he's scared, we're different

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    • I know, I feel trapped, i tried everything. I walked away, I blocked his calls.. emails, u name it. But nothing stops him. He'll try again until I'm back in love and he has me next to him.

    • I wonder if he wants to own me

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  • hi i read your post and i want you to know that all need is help i have also passed through all this and today they are back together if you don't mind i want you to email me on my address so we can talk better i might not be able to tell you all the full story over here this is my email jeremyblunt45@outlook. com i will be waiting for your reply thanks


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