Girls, Any girls had a rebound and realised you actually love him when he's gone?


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  • I realised before he left. And I told him. But I wouldn't really describe him as a rebound

    • Did you split with him?

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    • Sounds like my situation. Have you tried to reach out to him

    • Yes but we have to leave it alone. We were going to try a friendship, then he disappeared. Again. So at this point, I don't know what to say

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  • Nope. I've always been happy my exes are exes and in the past.

  • Im in the process of leaving my boyfriend, but im finding it hard because i know guys like him are hard to find

  • Yeah, and now I m looking for a way to get him back but I have no idea how :(

    • What happened if you dont mind me asking

    • Well he went to study abroad and day by day we talked less often. After some time (few months) he never texted or called so I had a rebound. He came back for holidays (while i was still with other guy) and we met and had sex. So basically i cheated on my rebound that one time. And after the holidays he went back abroad, few months after it, i broke up with rebound. Now he came back to our country for the summer. Week before he came i asked him if he wants to meet up, he said yes but now its been a month that he's here but he hasn't called or texted :/ i would feel pushy if i tried to text him again, but i would really like him back

    • So you want your rebound back or your ex?

  • HELL NO. so glad i left that asshole.

    • What if he was a genuinely nice guy and both had the potential for a great relationship

    • if he was that why would i leave?

    • Just because still confused about feelings its a long story lol

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