Break up letter?

I need help writing a break up letter. We have been broken up for about a week and still things haven't changed we just fight when we see each other and then say we love each other. He gives me ultimatums and I just deserve better. I lovr him but we need to separates I just need help getting a letter written. Any one


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  • I'm sorry the break up had happen but it's the best for us to do
    until we decide to find each others inner soul i think it's best things
    remain as they do. God has a plan for us all so I'm following what
    my heart tells me to do i hope you find what you're looking for in life
    i do wish you all the best in all that you do in life and wish you the
    best in Health, Happiness and whatever other choices you make.

    Cheers ,

  • Very simple to write, hardest to write when you are in the position you find yourself. Easiest thing would be to write the truth, tell him that you appreciate him but that things are not working out between you two. The fighting has hurt you (and I am sure hurt him as well) and you do not see things working out. You feel that it would be best for both of you to be apart and go your separate ways. If there was very good times in your relationship, thank him for that. End it off that you wish him all the best.


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