Is there still a chance?

At first sorry for bad English. Ok so me and her dated for about month and kissed but then she wrote to me she isn't ready for relation ship probably because she broke up with her ex before two months or so and dont want to start new relation ship right now. So i said I'm ok with that, then i got angry and said to her that i dont want to be only her stupid friend because a fell for her so much and then we argued a lot. Then we wasn't in contact for about month, only weird "hi" in school. I got over her afted that month but then we were both on school competition and she looked at me there all the time and i was just ignoring her and was focusing on other girls. The same day she wrote to me on fb some stupid question something like "can you pick a number?" and then we write to eachother till night and now we write to eachother all the time. I didn't wanted her back at first so i told her about girls i was with, reaction was a lot times something with 2 smiles, and she dontwrite 2 smiles too much. Then i realized that i really miss her and want her back. So i offerd her to meet up, but she canceled on mebecause of "family trip", then i asked again and she canceled again because her "friend wanted to go out", so i tried again and she saidyes but day before she said "that some guy want to go out with her and he has only time when we have our meeting" (i never said to herthat i want to go on date again) so technicaly i canceled it because i dont want her to feel bad because what she choose, then i said i'm alright with that and good luck, even though it's ripping me apart. Then i asked her if she really want to meet and she replied that "she want alot" but i dont think that is true. Now, it's again weird, she write to me still a lot but i ain't sure i still want to probalbly beasause i'm jealous. But i don't know what to do with her, i want her back but she seems like she is over me. I don't know. What should i do?
now i wrote to her that if she will go on date, she said she will go out with me but on date she said "Sorry, that probably not"


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  • Well in the future you have to learn to control your reactions or you may end up in a similar situation again. I know you were frustrated but you should not have lashed out at her in anger when she say she just broke up with her ex. It is reasonable for her to want to heal from her breakup and not want to be involved with anyone during that time. Two months is still a fresh breakup, so you should have just respected that. Your reaction caused a strain and made things 'weird' as you said. So in the future when a women says that just respect it, as they may be ready to be with you at a later time, but you can ruin that by lashing out.

    Next, if you really like a girl, which I know at the time you said you was interested, do not mention anything having to do with other girls. If she liked you, how is she suppose to feel hearing that? So naturally whether she made up excuses or really could not meet up you have to consider how she felt.

    Is she single now? What you can do is honestly apologize for anything that you did to make her uncomfortable and pushing for things when she wasn't ready. Let her know you would like to restart everything a fresh start, no pressures, and ask her to meet up with you again. She may not be over you in that way, she may just be tired of your behavior, so show her that you are willing to change.

    • meant * I know at the time you said you were not interested, do not mention anything having to do with other girls

    • thank you for your answer, but she is probably meeting someone new, well totaly she meeting someone new when she was deciding between me and that guy so i canceled it to make it easy for her, but they are not together... yet

  • Tell her how you feel, apologise for the stupid things you did and ask her if she feels the same way. Do it in person.


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