When someone isn't acting correctly - supportive or reactive?

My boyfriend was totally consistant for 6 months. Never ever put a foot wrong, we cherished each other and so on.

Until 3 weeks ago, and since then he has been acting really off.

I backed away and gave him space (although it hurt not knowing what was wrong as he wouldn't talk about anything)

Now - as a woman, I'm hurt because he pretty much ignored me in that time, with no explanation.

He has come back and is blowing hot again. Babe when can I see you.. etc etc

My question is - Am I right to be supportive and my happy bubbly self and just ignore his blip?

Or should I be reactive and kick up a fuss?

I think sometimes when you start conversations he can think of it as headache :/ I don't want to tip the boat as he has just started acting normally again...

Thanks guys
  • Be supportive and accept people mess up sometimes
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  • Be reactive and demand answers
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  • Walk away and forget that person
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What Guys Said 1

  • Just play things as you see them, if it appears something's wrong then you need to communicate with him to find out what it wrong ,

    • If he wasn't acting normal you need to sit down and find out what's wrong cause mind reading is not the answer

What Girls Said 1

  • i voted B you should demand answers


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