Is this guy obviously trying to get rid of me?

There's a guy friend of mine who I am in the same class with. We've hung out 3-4 times and he always said yes etc. This is a text convo we just had tonight:

Me: Hey, are you up for a quick Starbucks run before the final tomorrow?

him: No I can't I'm helping my girlfriend move tomorrow

Me: Np, figured finals week must be crazy.. good luck with that! speaking of needed luck: haven't started studying yet :/

him: Thank you, good luck too.

me: Ty. just ready to be done already. Going to FL next week!

After that he didn't reply.. is it obvious he's telling me to go away?


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  • He's probably busy with something. Or he has nothing else to say, or your can be right he's trying to get rid of you.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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