How do people feel after knowing their ex is finally moving on?

I've been with a guy last year, it was his first serious/long relationship and it ended last year
he has been doing his 'player' duties, nower days and we seem to intersect a bit but not so much...
i still truly like him a lot, but I kept it low and didn't let him know..
but I just found out from his family friend that he knew I was still in love with him and wanted to know what he can do for me to get over him.
i got so angry and felt so weak.. And extremely heart broken.. Because he knows I'm someone that's loyal and wouldn't go around guys day by day so he knew all along I would sit by myself.. He let me go because he didn't see the 'future' and that I'm an angel and too innocent.
just a few minutes ago I told him that I'm finally moving on... I felt relieved but I want to know what would go through his mind, when I'm finally with another person... Or me even me just telling him myself that I'm moving on?

im just curious! Thank you


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  • Usually, after a breakup, many people harbor the hope that the problems or difficulties will be resolved and they will be reunited. When you finally hear that your ex has moved on, is dating, involved in a sexual relationship with someone else. . . it makes people feel that all hope has been removed, that they are no longer the most important person in their ex's life, and it is like burying a loved one after they have died. All of the sadness and despair of a breakup gets concentrated in those moments when the news is settling in and registering in our soul.


What Girls Said 1

  • I feel great. That he is now some other poor souls problem.


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