I feel guilty about breaking up with my ex?

My girlfriend/ex acts like I just flat out dumped her when in reality I just told her everything that I had on my chest I had no other choices cause I tried talking to her multiple times, taking breaks, threatened to break up. But she acts like I'm the bad guy in the situation for ending our relationship she just wasn't putting any effort nor committed. I feel a little guilty I'm taking the blame cause in her eyes I'm a horrible person for breaking up but couldn't handle it anymore and she's mad at me when she should really be mad at herself. We haven't talked in 6 weeks.

P. s I will admit that the last thing I said to her was, she ruined my life cause I fell for her and can't get her outta my mind even though she didn't really love me also that I'd leave her alone and stop trying to make things work cause clearly she sitll didn't want to make an effort.


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  • Well you should not feel guilty for breaking up with her as you not only tried to get to some sort of solution, but you also warned her. Seems like there was more than enough warnings and tries that it should not have come as a surprise to her. If the relationship was not clearly working out someone had to put an end to it. If she wasn't making any effort and trying to work it out why should you be the bad guy. You did all that you could so there is not reason you should feel guilty.

    • Yeah I know I tried my best but she doesn't see that at all or refuse to admit it. And her not contacting just proves that she didn't really want things to work out

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  • Are you 100% sure she knows that you love her and want to work things out with her? It hurt me so much because my ex told me he wanted a break and I'm so afraid to tell him I want him back. I'm afraid he's just going to hurt me again. If she's mad at you it's probably because she's hurt that you brought up all this breakup stuff. At least that's how I feel about my ex

    • Well I made it pretty clear that I did love her and wanted things to work out. It wasn't the first time I talked about breaking up so why acted shocked and hurt when I warned her before? She did this to herself but only blames me like she didn't push me to break up I feel like the dumpee in the situation since I really wanted for our relationship to work really bad but she just wasn't contributing

    • She doesn't want to be an option for you or a choice. It hurts to have someone say they "might not" want you. If you weren't in all the way the she probably knew it wasn't going to work out. I can understand why she did what she did. She's HURT!!

    • I do want her, if she's not going to be committed nor really interested why keep on trying? Hurt about what exactly? Cause I was very patient with her didn't want to break up but the relationship was doing to much damage to me

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