Tips on getting a girl to meet you in person to talk to you after a break up?

Broke up 2 weeks ago, she has been very mad but asked me if we hated eachother yesterday and want to know if A. its a good time to ask to meet in person since we made it clear we dont hate eachother and B. How to get her to meet me in person.
thank you for all your help guys


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  • Might want to wait a little longer. You might not hate each other, but that doesn't mean you're going to be able to be civil yet.

    • my bad but its been 3 weeks tomorrow. Still to early?

    • also she did ask us to be civil and we both agreed to be

    • Doesn't mean you're going to be able to be. Give it another week or two.

  • Who broke up? Why do you want to meet? Do you still have feelings for her?

    • long long story but i brought up the idea and she ran with the idea to break up. i really didn't want to but she was being very very mean. Still have a lot of feelings after dating almost 3 years

    • also claims that it was my idea and when i asked yesterday if she still wants us to be done she just said well this is what you wanted

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