How am I supposed to bring up our relationship to my ex without putting any pressure on him?

We act like we're a couple whenever we are together but I can hardly get a hold of him during the week or he just doesn't make an effort to talk to me or hang out with me.

I know he's busy with work during the week and he probably comes home and crashes but still.

What should I do? I


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  • He sounds like he's interested but maybe just hasn't got the energy to keep up with you. Just talk to him next time you're together and agree the best way forward

    • We'll every time I say I texted you he acts like he never got it. I know he does work a lot and probably goes home to sleep after but still I get worried when I don't hear back from him because we're not together yet. There has been times when he's probably free that he has texted me back within a minute.

      How do you figure he's interested in me?

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    • I don't know how to do that? How do I get him to open up?

      I don't even know if he wants to fix it, does it sound like he does?

    • Does it or no?

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  • If he values the relationship at all he'll be willing to discuss the state of the relationship. Relationships are hard and require excellent communication and constant work. If he isn't willing I'd look elsewhere

    • We'll also don't want to bring it up directly because he already rejected me one time so I was hoping to do it in a round about way or something

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    • I wouldn't have been jealous. It could've been coincidental that he made a move at that time

    • He had his head down the whole time I was saying that opposed to looking at me for the whole conversation

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