Why is my ex fiancé confusing me?

Hi all. I need some advice on what's going on with my ex fiancé. We were together 2.5 years and engaged for one. We have a daughter together and we moved into our own apartment, everything was perfect until a little over a month ago when he left me completely out of the blue. He told me that his feelings had been lessening for months and he was tired of me not doing anything. For the first few days, I begged and I pleaded for him to take me back (HUGE mistake, I know) and he always turned me down. Not even 2 weeks after the break up, I find out he's back with his ex girlfriend from 3 years ago. He told me that she is the only girl he truly loved and that she was basically the one that got away. So that night I asked him for the bottom line, will we ever get back together? And he said "we won't get back together. I'm happier with my life now. You'll find better and be happier too" so I take his advice and try to move on. But once he finds out, he gets really upset. Telling me not to mess around with too many guys and confuse our daughter when he has a full blown relationship with another girl. Fast forward to last week, he invites me to his apartment so we can talk. One thing leads to another and we end up sleeping together. Afterwards, he tells me that he has feelings for me but he doesn't want them, he's worried I'm going to find a guy and "forget about him" and he talks badly about his new girlfriend to me about how much they argue, I'm more appealing than she is, I have a better figure than she does and I'm overall better. (His words not mine). Then this past Sunday, he tells me that he loves me, he misses me, and he wants to be with me. We held hands, he kept touching my arm and he kissed me. But once he gets home, he tells me that he doesn't want an "us" but he never said that we will never be together. I'm so confused. This is the love of my life and I want him back terribly. Please help!!
So it's been 3 months since the break up and I realized that I didn't deserve the crap he was putting me through. I have completely moved on and I'm much happier with my life :)


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  • You still want him

    • If that's a question, yes I still want him.

    • It wasn't.. you want him & you're reading into everything

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  • My Only Question with All the writing on the wall and all IS: Why would you want him back terribly?
    He has been this straight shooter in Admitting that he wants his blast from the past and is now brushing you and your love and even your daughter under the carpet like an ant. You are Now in what I call a "Triangle Threesome," where you are way at the top, looking down, from side to side, at the both of Them.
    He doesn't want to be in a Real Relationship with you anymore, but on the Other underhanded hand, he wants his cake and eat it Two. He has the goalies to preach to you and give you all of his sad love story laments, while he leaves your bed and goes home to Another, Touching your heart with his poison and bull, acting like Chief cook and bottle washer Commander in Charge.
    You need to close the door on him now and keep him at arm's length. He is in Harm's way in Every way and if you let this Continue, it is not only unhealthy for your little one but for You as well.
    Etch it in stone with a lawyer for Visiting rights for your offspring Only but Get this loser far away as you can. He will only bring you down and if it isn't This skeleton in the closet today that is rattling your bones, it will be some other Floater tomorrow in his bed and in his life but it will Never be Just... YOU.
    Good luck. xx

    • I want him back terribly because he was my first love. We got together whenever I was 16 and he was 17. He took my virginity and everything. If he's so caught up in her, why is he complaining about her everytime we see each other? I'm not arguing but, that makes no sense.

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    • Yes, I'm sorry it makes sense now. Thank you.

    • Oh, so welcome, sweetie. xxoo

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  • hi i read your post and i want you to know that all need is help i have also passed through all this and today i and my ex are back together living fine now please if you don't mind i want you to email me on my address so we can talk better i might not be able to tell you all the full story over here this is my email jeremyblunt45@outlook. com i will be waiting for your reply thanks i really want to share with you will await your mail

  • Poor baby! You have fell in love with a full blown DOG!! Please do what's best for you and your daughter this man has no morals, no values, and no worth!

  • Unless you just like being emotionally abused and want to teach your child to disrespect you as he does, ditch his ass. He wants his cake and to eat it too, there will be no pleasing this man no matter what you do,

    Don't turn yourself inside out over it because he sure isn't losing any sleep over it (or sex, for that matter)


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