If your ex sexual partner blackmails you with your naked pics and videos taken during sexual intimacy and ask you to have free sex with him?

What would you do... will you cheat your husband or tell him the truth?


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  • Then blackmail away because I couldn't care less. The past is exactly that. I would NOT have sex with someone because they are going to blackmail me. That would be the present and things would only get worse from there. Honesty is always the best policy. Things might not always go in my favour for being honest but I am always true to me! And I believe that my partner has every right to know. So before the threats of blackmail, I would've already fessed up. Hahahah to the one that's trying to do me dirty👍

    • Absolutely correct... but how can the consequences of telling the truth be overcomed? :)

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    • One side there is ditch... other side there is dump... thanks Ma"am

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  • Tell the husband all the truth.
    Though if she was a consenting adult, I am not really sure what my next move would be, could be a very grey area legally

    • Whats the role of the husband after hearing?

    • Well, it was before you met I assume?
      The past is the past if that's the case

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What Girls Said 3

  • tell him the truth.. if he can't understand it then he is wrong for you and don't fix your mistakes by adding new ones..

    • New ones?

    • yea your new mistakes would be sleeping with that guy and falling for it

    • Oh... not let that happen anytime... but telling the husband oneself will also not do much good... depends on how he would take that confess

  • Tell him. In all honesty I'd probably mention something about this before I ever got married or deep into a serious relationship with someone. It wouldn't be an out-of-the-blue-my-ex-is-unstable-and-has-serious-privacy-issues-and-possesses-embarrassing-photos-of-me-but-I-just-felt-motivated-to-do-nothing-shut-my-eyes-and-hope-nothing-bad-comes-of-it. I mean, come on. Anything like that (that could potentially break or endanger your relationship) should be brought out into the open BEFORE you tie the knot. Marriage is no less than a 100% commitment, and to me, keeping harmful secrets like that means you're only going in 98%.

    • How should the husband react to that shocking confess from his wife?

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    • Right Ma"am... but being a human... emotions will grow. in the form of anger.. coz the husband has got a new shock... for something he was not responsible for

    • Emotions are expected. If you didn't experience any emotions, you'd be a diagnosed sociopath.

      If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, the wife is not responsible for this situation either. Someone she trusted is betraying her, and that's something that's on him (the blackmailer), not on her. Sure, she did something that IN HINDSIGHT (which is always 20/20) turned out to be a poor decision (trusting someone she shouldn't have). The same thing could happen to the husband, and it would be the exact same story.

      Everyone is responsible for their own actions, no exceptions regardless of who feels they're right/wrong/the victim/etc.

  • Tell my husband and get the guy arrested for sexual harassment.

    • Thank you... but if the husband was unaware of your past (suppose) , then what would you have done?

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    • Still tell him. I don't care what happens, no one would let out naked pictures or videos without my permission.

    • Thanks :)

What Guys Said 2

  • Does your state/country allow you to record conversations without the other party's consent? Are any of his statements in writing in some form? If yes to either, take the evidence to the police and prosecute him.

  • Oh... oh noes.
    I am being blackmailed by pictures that proves I have a human body and I am competent.
    Oh noes.

    Also , no. I will tell my hypothetical SO and that's that.

    • You know... people being vulnerable to this kinda shit is EXACTLY the reason why people use it as a method of blackmailing.

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