So, I'm going through a hard break-up and I'm feeling so worthless. What am I gonna/supposed to do?

So, he was my first boyfriend but I wasn't his first, he had been with many. He said he love me and everything. He was really nice person and very good with machines. But he smokes and drinks heavily. And he's 13 turning to 14. My nickname to him was brainiac badass. We went too quickly. He always wanted to go further. He kissed me a lot. So I broke up with him. I didn't feel the spark and hadn't same feelings about him what he had about me. I was afraid. When we broke up he was mad and yelled at me. Somehow suicide things came up (we have both had tough pasts...) and he yelled me to jump from high roof and kill myself. He said I never cared. But I did. Next day after the breakup I went to swim with my family. To the part of the town where he lived. I had a hoodie where was his scent. I cried. I felt awful. I was afraid he was gonna hurt me cuz he's at least 3 times stronger than what I am... He has been trying to talk to me and message to me but I haven't answered. What I'm going to do? :(
Why did I even asked this fucking stupid question. You don't care anyway *go to the bed to watch Notebook and other movies with cup of hot chocolate and something good to eat*


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  • If your not comfortable with him your best to move on
    sure it's hard to do so but want guy who's down-to-earth
    he smokes and drinks.. if you continue with him that
    could cause lot trouble for you and your life is worth
    living you have a whole life ahead of you and so much
    to look forward into life.. your age 14 with your life starting
    there is other guys out there i know you loved this guy
    but got ask yourself if he is worth it?


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  • This guy just doesn't seem worth worrying about. He's just too young, and hasn't yet learned how to treat a lady. Forget everything about the harsh words from him. It's just sour grapes because you were strong enough to finish with the jerk!

    Give yourself some time with true friends and family. You will soon meet a guy who will take more care of you.

  • if someone does not respect your limitations or feelings , that's always a subject of a break up. It's never good to continue a relationship with such people because it's like a poisonous food. Even if you feel good with him sometimes in reality he's destroying you from inside. These weirdo people exist in every class of age.
    I see that many will see 14yrs relationships ridiculous, but the thing is that everyone has emotions that are real, regardless of age. I think it's correct to say that a guy/girl has less experience in taking care of emotions, but that's okay, you will learn :) best thing for you to do now is to forget him and take care of anything else in life. Let it be reading , hiking, socializing with others.

  • Pfft...

    Im sorry, but this is just a cute little kid relationship (13? hahahaha).

    You will get over it in a week at most xD

    • wtf dude this isn't funny. Do you really think I'd wrote this is I wouldn't be serious about this? No I wouldn't.

    • Im not trying to be mean, But this is just a cute little teen relationship that in the grand scheme of your life will hold no significance what so ever, I know you probably feel shit now, But trust, me a couple years time you will be fucking laughing about this xD.

      Seriously, Relationships at 13/14 never last, so... dont feel so bad ;)

    • ...
      you really don't get it don't you?

  • You can cum see me, I can take all your problems away, I make very good use of blindfold, handcuffs, feather, ice and chocolate syrup

  • Haha under 15 relationship are never serious my dear.
    He is asshole to be honest and his hormones are developing such that he will only find and hunt girls for satisfying his new growing cock until next 7 Years or so.

    Hence , you don't feel anything because he doesn't have feeling for you in 1st place. He will just use you as long as you don't get smart and get out of it.

    It's an opportunity for you to stay away from such guys.

    Stronger genuine relationship takes time to built.
    It doesn't happen within two months or so.
    Guys at his age will have dominion feeling and probably egoistic enough to feel that girls are his property and he will behave with her as he wishes too.

    So see... your choice finally. Under 15 peoples when treated like little babies often act aggressive and try to show us middle fingers if they don't like advices. I hope you aren't one of them.

    • Well, basicly everybody in here is laughing at me so yes I know what people my age is annoyed of.

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    • I came back because i know it is hurting you right now because somewhere you are feeling that you are not been taken seriously. But it's not correct.
      It's alright to ask this question. I understand how bad you feel right now.
      But one day.. when you grow up say after 4 years or so.. you will look back and think..
      "Ohhh i was crying for that guy? What was i thinking? Oh haha"

      I am saying with experience. I was having crush too and i was annoyed as you are because i felt no one would take me seriously and felt agitated.
      But now i understand that those days were never right for falling in love for a reason.

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  • I once had a boy break up with me when I was 14 almost 15, he was 17. He liked to smoke marijuanna, I didn't want to. He was going to the military at the end of the school year. I was heartbroken. He just wanted to date other people, I was too quiet for him. He was always the one who got away, the one I wish there could have been more with. 20 years later we became facebook friends, he started calling and flirting with me but I stopped it. I'm married now with two little boys. I still think about him once in a while, but time and space heal the wounds and make you see that you're probably better off without that person.

    • Thank you @Lambchopp you at least know how I feel like. And the guy you talked about, he sounds like a real idiot. I know how ya feel like, some guys can really be idiots sometimes

    • I know he's an idiot, 40 years old now dating 22 year olds. But I remember the heartache back then like it was yesterday. I've never looked back and laughed about it like some of these people say. The pain will fade in time.

    • What an asshole
      Good you're happu now :3 :)

  • get over it, you're 14. go have some fun. get him out of your life. drinking and smoking at 13? get away from him. he needs some life lessons and a good smack. he's throwing his life away and so are you by crying over him. block his number and ignore him. its an offence to tell someone to kill themselves as if they do commit suicide they will be charged with 'helping you kill yourself'. he's an idiot. he's not going to hurt you just because you broke up with him. he was hurt thats why he shouted.

  • I couldn't love someone who hurts me physically. That's sadistic bonding


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