Is it possible for a guy to be open if he cheats?

Is it possible for a man to own up to cheating on his girlfriend. I put my boyfriend on the spotlight. I told him if he wanted to see other woman to tell me. I don't want to keep coming back to me if he is with someone else. I think-but its really not enough to accuse him. I am trying to be open with him. he says there is no one else. We don't see each other a lot because of my busy lifestyle sometimes I think its not fair to him. So asked him if he ever feels alone or he thinks I don't love him and decides to cheat just let me know. Am I being 2 straight? Is it possible 4 him to even tell me the truth?


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  • I like the idea but bad execution. That's equivelant to me sayin "look...imma busy dude. So we gonna f*** or what because I don't wanna waist my time. I could be gittin w/otha hoes. So you gonna f*** me tonight? Lemme know"

    I mean...are you even responding to that? No. He's not gonna respond to you either. I understand you don't wanna be f***ed around on...nobody does. That's where you just gotta trust somebody. I had a ex that was completely insecure and always thought I was cheating on her. It was almost like she was sabotaging the relationship. I almost got to the point where I was like, "sh*t, ...if you want me to cheat, I'm just gonna f***in do it". Just so she could say..."I knew you were gonna cheat on me!

    Dont be that girl. Trust ya man til he gives you reason not to. Because trust me...theres nuttin more irritating than a guy doin right and bein blamed for always doin wrong.


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  • Well although you have a busy lifestyle I think he is getting something out of the relationship otherwise he would be gone, unless he says you don't make enough time for me and shows his not pleased about that I wouldn't think there is a problem. But having said that some guys would be open some wouldnt? but the fact you have given them the go ahead that if it did happen to let you know, he might actually take you up on that offer. that's my take on it neway. hope it helps.

    • I am only offering honesty. He is not the one to tell me how he feels. Here and there he tells me he loves me. I want him to be fair with me if he thinks I am not enough for him. reason I bring it up is that he has been secretive with me lately.

    • You think you are not good enough for him! accept it when he says he loves you and you are that he needs! well his being secretive trust in him that its nothing or get out your detective badge and don't get caught!

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  • If someone is dishonest enough to cheat on you, don't expect them to be honest when you confront them. Liars lie. That's just what they do. If you know and believe that he has cheated and is still lying about it move on.


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