Big question! to go to school or stay home to get away from ex?


I have plans to move back to school for my graduate degree. My ex broke up with me 6 weeks ago and he will be there as well. I'm desparate to get over him but it's been a challenge and still hurts everyday. It has brought down my self estemee and I don't know where to go from here. Do I stay with Mom at (30 years old) to get back to myself or go to school? I'm scared I'll never get over him and being at the same school might make it worse. Please help and my heart.


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  • Personally I would just cowboy up and get my degree. I'm sorry you said it hit your self esteem, but by concentrating on your degree and getting through it will make you stronger and better for it, for getting that degree. Don't let the situation intimidate you enough to have you stop your studies.

    I know it hurts. I just finalized my divorce and even though it had been over for years it was still difficult. But in the beginning I thought about how unhealthy it was and wondered if I was strong enough and here, a year later it's easier :)

    It will be hard but you'll be proud of yourself for getting through it!


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  • Never let a guy get in the way of what you want, you are more important than that.

  • Education is more important. Your heart will recover.


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