We broke. up because he hurt me a lot , but I have always wanted to sleep. with him? How can. I get over this feeling?

He has hurt me a lot by. cheating and lying, but i loved him so much, i could never have sex with him because i am a muslim virgin and i am too shy, althought it was impossible for me to trust him at all, i. keep. feeling like i wanted him , i feel sad when i think that since we can't be toghether again, i will never have him, do u think it is better that we are broke up because he has really hurt me anr that when i find love again i will stop feelng that i wanted. to sleep with my ex?, how to get over thag feeling?


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  • Try masturbating


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  • It takes awhile, but trust me you are better off with out him, if he hurts you. Deal with the break up, work on yourself and when you know what you want and don't have baggage the guy of your dreams will be waiting for you!


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  • I think you're better for it. If you're a virgin why give the most precious thing you can give to someone that is hurtful?

    I'd say just start to let him go and find someone you truly love and doesn't hurt you. Just curious, what did he do?


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