My fiancee and I just called everything off and broke up. We realized we were both pretty unhappy and it would be beneficial for the both of us to go our separate ways. I feel fine, I knew for a while that this would be inevitable, but I've been with him so long, I'm not sure where to go from here. He is still hanging on, and I'm afraid he isn't going to be able to get past everything. I'm scared for him, and I want him to find happiness somewhere else, because he was a big burden. I'm not sure though that I should contact him, and advice?

Thank you so much!


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  • This has happened to me too. The girl was just too insecure and wanted me to be her everything and she had no life. I couldn't be her all and everything and loose myself too and therefore after 5 years I broke it off. I kinda knew it was inevitable too (wierd eh?).

    She called and tried to hang on and I would talk to her but after about 2 or 3 calls I let that go. You gotta find you again. Now that he's gone, you gotta do you. Its time to have fun. Don't worry about "all the time wasted" or "all the things he did wrong", etc. Leave that old drama sh*t alone. Don't regurjitate it. Instead, git out there and just be you. Don't worry about him (he is no longer your problem). Sounds cold but you kinda gotta get over that because if you dont, you're gonna let irrational thoughts and feelings get in the way of why you two broke up in the 1st place.

    You're a hott girl and guys are gonna want you. Go be a flirty sexy girl and have fun!


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  • I was engaged once and I do know how it feels.

    We wound up breaking up and I found myself in the same position as you! (maybe not the same but some similarities) My ex was very clingy and actually told me he would kill him self several times if I broke up with him.. It was a bit of an extreme, but it still ended.

    Here's what I would do, personally. If you care about him and care for his future and hope that he moves on then don't talk to him. If you have mutual friends ask them to keep an eye on him, try not to get too envolved. If you keep yourself in his life when he is vulnerable from the breakup it will only make things harder. He might even fall for you all over again! Its hard to talk to someone you've known so well for so long to the point of engagement but in order for him to be happy with someone else and you as well it might be for the best to just leave it as it is. Maybe later on you can be friends but for now keep a low status.

    One more thing, remember the unhappiness you both held onto during that relationship. Try to let the wounds heal before doing anything serious that could affect your relationship again..

    Good Luck!


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