Fake nice guy, have you ever delt with one?

A fake nice guy: He PRETENDS to be all the things a real nice guy is, but always keep his feelings under wraps, hoping that the girl would notice his feelings and then they can have a happily ever after. They generally befriend a girl to date her or to get into pants, and on not getting their way, they claim the girl to be a slut or bitch. They relentlessly chase a girl despite her clear indication that he is just a friend to her. The thing that they don't realize is they can't truly imitate someone else. Being what you are matters. Since they are not being themselves, they come off as clingy, needy and not charming at all.
How to deal with this guy, he made me fall in love with him 3 years, almost if not 4.. I'm so hurt. Now that he's in my life cause we work together he pretends, so I'm stuck pretending too. I feel he used me for his ego, i feel he disregard my feelings he's selfish, and manipulative. I want out of this cluster fuck I'm in, but I want to keep my job. Help me deal with this fake nice guy?


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  • I have
    He was really nice, seemed fun. And was fun to talk to. But when we got close he changed, and only wanted to be sexual... I broke all contact

    • Yeah, lie to get you to fall in love with them just so the can emotionally fuck you over

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    • And he'd make a scene if I'd talk to other guys, and we're not even exclusive xD

    • Yea, he acts like he's doing me a favor by pretending, ughhhhh I can't believe I hit involved in this cluster fuck

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  • umm.. what is the question? i think it should have been a my take

    • It doesn't matter,.. have u ever delt with a manipulator like this before. . state your experience. If not have a good day

  • just stay the fuck away from him


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