Please give me your opinions I just don't understand her?

Long sory short my ex dumped me about 4 months ago for another guy, we never lived together, we have a 13 month old child together, I never treated her right really, by that I mean I never gave her love and attention and kept pushing her away, she has moved her new boyfriend in ( although she denies it ) they are going to thailand together in September, and aparently they are/ are supposed to be getting engaged, this girl did love me so much she even used to look in my eyes when we were making love and ask if I would marry her, she is on facebook in a relationshipe with this guy, the bit I am not getting is her behaviour with me, she is always angry at me, kicking off because I had a new jumper on, she jumped up and stormed out because I said I might be getting back with my ex ex, she is constantly angry, last week when I had our daughter she rung me for two hours, and just talked small talk, but she did drop in the conversation from nowhere ( all i ever wanted in the relationship from you was love and attention, and for me to move in with her ) I dont contact her much now, but last week after she ignored 4 messages the day before she asked me to ring her, I did, and i was asked if i could meet her at the doctors to collect our daughter, I couldnt as I was not at home, she accused me of being at a womans house then hung up, when I got to the doctors her face was like thunder, she was really not happy, she was so angry with me kicking off about everything, in the end I just kissed my ex on the neck, said love ya, and left with my daughter, she rung 20 mins later and apologised for being a bi*tch, yesterday I had my daughter, a female friend was visiting me, my ex came to collect our daughter early, she spotted this girl at my mothers and assumed it was my girlfriend, she asked my mother who is this woman, then rung me asking is it your friend or your mothers, in the end she stormed off saying I had one chance and blew it and I would
She said I had one chance and blew it and that I would never see my daughter ever again
Why is she acting the way she is? she left me for someone else yet her behavior is confusing, anyone on the outside looking in would think I left her for someone else, If I could understand why she is always angry at me I could try to address it, I mean threatening I will never see my daughter again just because she spotted another woman who she assumed was my girlfriend, especially when she is with someone else to me is not normal behavior for someone who has apparently moved on.


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  • Why don't you try talking to her about all of this? It doesn't seem like you ever have any real conversations, just "small talk". I don't think anyone can tell you for sure why she's angry. Maybe she's angry because she feels like you never really put much effort into the relationship (as you admit by saying that you didn't treat her right) or because you didn't fight when she decided to end the relationship and start something with another guy. I guess you won't know until you ask.


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  • Bro give me a summary of this text


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