Guys, how do I know if my boyfriend wants me back?

We both study abroad we are a year together. Now i am back to my country for the summer. This is the story, he said he couldnt handle me anymore and i am a hard girl and that i complain too much and that he was fed up with me and my tough character but he also said he will never find someone love him as hard as i did but he ended our relationship, well i respected his decision and i didn't run after him i didn't want to make him stay if he didn't want to. A day after the break up he texted me to pick me up from the airport because at the same date his friend arrive as well but from the airport conversation he went into a relationship conversation and he was saying i didn't try for him, i am so confused he told me he didn't want to be with me he broke me appart and i didn't bother him and now he said i didn't fight for him.. can someone help me? i still love him i would like nothing more than get back with him but i dont want to beg him...


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  • The only way exs can get back together is if they address the issues that broke them apart in the first place.

    Are you and him willing to sit down and make a COMPLETE list of issues you had and come up with solutions? If not then there is no point of getting back together and nothing will have changed.

    I personally don't ever back get with exs, but everyone is different.

    • well i was willing but he wasn't answering to me for the whole day i tried to communicate then i gave up when he told me to break up..

    • Just cut ties and move on. There are millions of other guys out there who would treat you a lot better than he does.

  • Well it seems like only you want him back, but he doesn't seem to want the same thing and one sided is not good. I am sure he has some feelings for you but doesn't want to show it or may be he is a bit scared to show it, I would suggest wait and give him some more time, go with his pace is you don't mind. Right now he seems to be confused, frustrated and angry but I hope he will figure things out as to what he wants, I hope he will clear his mind. I don't think you can do anything.

    Anyways how long are you willing to wait for him?


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