Why I'm still jealous?

I was bored with this guy, I started not to enjoy our times and we ended it. And now he has a new girl, and they're super cute and loyal and it makes me kinda jealous. I really don't like him anymore so why I'm jealous of their relationship? I don't want to feel this way, please help me be a better person! 😞


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  • Because you're selfish, you didn't want to be with him and now you see he's happy with someone else. You want him to be miserable which is not the case so you're mad/jealous


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  • First of all that doesn't make you a bad person... Our emotions and feeling don't make us bad it's how we react to them.
    I think you're better off focusing on how boring he was lol.
    But for the record I think at some level you still like the idea of him...
    Maybe you need to focus more on what you're looking for in a partner and pursue that :)


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  • you remember how you used to really want a toy advertised on tv? and you would beg your parents for months on end, until finally you got it?

    it was amazing and new and shiny in its box.

    after a while you got bored and didn't want to play with it anymore.

    BUT you somehow felt an attachment to it and didn't want to give it to the charity shop.

    Seeing some other kid playing with it would still get you mad... because even though you didn't want it anymore; it was YOUR boring toy and no one else could have it...

    So you see its more about ATTACHMENT than anything else.

    its a normal feeling, it doesn't mean you want it back. It just means you have to find a way to dettach yourself from these emotions.

    Go out, see your friends, focus on other things,

    one day you will have a blossoming rship, it just isn't right this second, right now. Be patient.

    Peace & love x

  • It's envy not jealousy. You want the same, such not with him

  • You're probably not jealous because he's dating another girl. You're jealous because they are in a happy relationship. You can try to start another relationship with someone else and be happy in that, or just enjoy your time being single.


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