Am I arrogant or not?

So I just recently achieved my mba degree. I own a sales and marketing firm that makes over six figures each year in profit. I can speak four different languages. I am muscular and tall. I can do so many other things as well.

The point is my now ex girlfriend said that she couldn't stand my arrogance. I told her that if she wanted to keep me, she would have to offer more sex and keep up her appearance. The way I figure it, she has a less that 40% chance of finding a man with a bachelo'rs degree in america according to the U. S. department of education.

I have an mba so lets estimate that she now has a 30% chance of finding an educated man. On top of that I earn six figures, which puts my in the 10% of America. That brings the perecentage down to 3%, then we have to add in all of the languages I can speak fluently, so lets say.3% on top of owning my own business, so lets say.03% chance. I am also 6'2 and really muscular. I am also about to get a chin implant to look more manly and I have a full beard, so lets estimate.003% chance of finding another man.

Isn't it fair that I request more from her, if I have all of that to offer? I haven't even gone into my hobbies, like how well I can draw and sing. Since I am so rare, I do want her to be MUCH MORE SEXUAL and I wanted her to at least try slimming down.

I also didn't want to keep paying for dates. I wanted to go dutch because I shouldn't be paying for them. I am not her caregiver.

Am I justified?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You're hilarious. You think she should value your income even as you make it clear you have no intention of sharing it with her. Girlfriends are typically looking to be loved; you're looking for an employee who will cheerfully take job assignments from you, her boss, and who will have all your desired qualifications. The breakup was good - now she can go find an actual boyfriend, and you can hire a high end call girl who will play by your rules and not ask you for actual affection.

    • That is a very Interesting perspective. In your experience, have any of the men that you've dated felt entitled because they had money? Have any of the men you dated owned businesses? If so, how many of them attempted to translate business principles to relationships?

      The way I understand your perspective is that I am using business principles to dictate my relationship?

    • @oldlady

    • Okay, I'm going to take your question seriously. No, none of the men I've dated have felt entitled because they have money, but that's a biased sample because I would never have gone out with a man who gave me any whiff of your attitude. The man I'm dating now has far and away more money than anyone else I've dated and he treats me just as well as the broke grad students I dated in my 20s. Of my five adult relationships, only two of the guys own (well, one is a partnership) businesses and no, I don't see any quid pro quo interactions in their relationships, with me or since. One paid his wife's way through school and then they had kids and she's been a stay at home mom ever since, and she has the same right to spend money in that partnership as he has, 'cause this was the division of labor they chose together. He sure as hell isn't asking her to pay half of everything nor did he expect her to have the same figure now as when she was younger and not yet a mother.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I completely understand where you're coming from, but your attitude may be considered to be very bad.

    I think arrogance and ego has gotten hold of you due to the sense of pride you have. This is extremely dangerous and I do urge you to refrain from becoming more proud of yourself because one day it can lead you to detriment.

    I understand that you think that your girlfriend or ex is 'not in your league' but it's your choice with however you handle your social relationships. I wouldn't just leave a girl because I was too good for her.


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What Girls Said 2

  • There is nothing wrong in being proud of your achievements because they didn't fall into your lap and you obviously had to put in a lot of hard work to be where you are today, but I would say she might have been more turned off by your sense of entitlement, as well as your arrogance. It's not hard to imagine that a woman wouldn't be eager to sexually please her boyfriend if he acted as though he was doing her a favor by being in her life and the least she could do was drop a few dress sizes. That is not a turn on. Every person is capable of being sexual to someone they are attracted to, and for all your 'worth' and 'value' she was simply not that impressed.

    So I guess the short answer to your question is yes you are arrogant.

  • You need a Scorpio or Gemini lady. Both are sex animals.


What Guys Said 6

  • I think you're missing the point of a relationship, my friend. A woman rewarding you with more sex for your life achievements is completely out of what a relationship is.

    It is good to be proud of your own merits and awards, it is good to keep yourself healthy and hot, but life and love in special are not to be treaten like math or accounting, so you should put away those statistics because they're all like shit when you're thunderstruck by REAL love that may come from you could never predict or expect.

    Imho, you have to decide what kind of woman you want on your side. The way you wrote it, it gives us the impression you want a doormat, sex slave, and a worshipper instead of a real woman. Some people seem to like a lifestyle full of girls acting this way, and being cherished for what you have or how big your biceps are is really a hollow empty life that only the wet by tears pillow would know.

    I'd suggest you to stop with the numbers and look at the person. If you do not love your current girlfriend enough, do her a favour and break it up with her. Then seek for a woman who could "intimidate" you by who she is, one who have similar "achievements" and have the same drive for sex you have, one who could kick your muscular ass away IF she didn't care about you. That's the challenge.

  • The fact you even looked into percentages tells me you have something wrong with you. Having a degree, the ability to speak multiple languages and being fit doesn't somehow make you a better person, you talk like you are gods gift to women... No wonder she left you.

  • Good for you on all your accomplishments. Be prepaired to spend a lot of alone time , with you pompass attitude and near GOD complex you will be seeing some alone time that's for sure. No woman will put up with it without doing her best to take you down a few notches

  • Well if you can offer whatever you are asking from her then it's only fair but what I would suggest is that try not to impose yourself or force your views, your thinking on her. I am not saying you are imposing yourself on her but it may give her wrong idea that you are arrogant.

    I don't think you are arrogant. Of course you have you have the right to ask what you can give. Logically it makes sense to me. Give her some time to understand you.

  • Brush u gotta treat ha lady like a queen yea she should do those things but u gotta pay for dates n buy her shot and make her think she looks good even of she don't

  • I understand why you value yourself so much, you sound like a great man. But you are to rational about relationships. She's not a machine which can tune the parameter "sex" up until it pleases you. It's not the same if you force her and it is psychologically quite disrupting. And you can't blackmail it with your rareness. It's not how love works man. It's not a analytical task to solve. You can of course ask her to try to compromise with your wishes as you seem to fulfill a lot of hers, but then it either is enough for you to be together with her or it's not. Simple as that.

    • Explanation on the "not rational" part. The assumptions for your calculations is that she only can be happy with a copy of you. So you calculate the probablility of her finding another guy like you. But she does not need a guy like you to be happy and in love. It can be a completely different type of person concerning education, interests, talents, job, looks.

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