Did your mentality change when you and your ex broke up?

My ex girl use to have me mad af! At the world!!😁😬 it was all because she hurt me soo much and wouldn't give in to me when I wanted her back.. The bitch kept lying and fucking all these random guys and shit and it was making me sick to my stomach lol I didn't understand. It though, I was walking around the world with this kind of attitude
Did your  mentality change when you and your ex broke up?
lol... But when she admitted somthin to me that she had done with some guy I was... disgusted to the core!😷 πŸ˜–πŸ˜©πŸ˜« I don't know but I guess the bitch met a dude on Instagram and he took her to the movies an she gave me head, she was a real perfect example of a good girl gone bad cuz when I met her she was practically a virgin! That was like 3 years ago... Fast forward to today and she's slept with more guys in high school classroom. 😷 she dirty now.. But my mentally changed somehow when I finally let her go and I somehow became more attractive lol I walked in a store las night solo to get some patron for me and my friends and it was full of women buying stuff but they were checkin me out soo hard I looked at the ground cuz I got shy as hell lol!!! I was like ☺️😊😌😎😏
I just feel like my aura is on point or something lol can anyone relate to what I'm saying? It feels like someone took my nuts out of a vice grip lolπŸ˜†πŸ˜‚


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  • Yes. I think a lot of people can appreciate this.

    I was with someone who was mentally abusive. I kept going back to him, kept staying with him. He drove me crazy and treated me like shit.

    But one day it was like my brain just went "I'm done". He texted me to tell me he was cheating on me with a child. And after my shock and the hours of tears that lasted a couple of days, I knew I was done. It was over. We've barely spoken since. I had my own confidence, at the time I lost a lot of weight (oh how that's changed) and I felt sexy in my own skin. People looked at me a different way, or rather I started to notice them looking in a different way. Instead of shying away and keeping my head down, I embraced it. I oozed confidence and happiness.

    So yeah. I think it depends on the type of relationship you had but yes. I think If I broke up with my current boyfriend it wouldn't be the same story.

    • I feel good and bad all at the same time lol but mostly feel good

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  • I'm glad you left your ex because you feel like a new man. Holdon to a woman who will make you happy and not piss you off. A woman can make you feel great or down depending on what type of woman she is. Glad to hear you are feeling like a new man.


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  • Yea it happens I'm not the same after the love of my life H left but shit happens i like who i am now haha

  • Yeah it changed but for the worst, I no longer want to be in a relationship, I feel way less social than I already was before and girls kinda disgust me now cause of how my ex showed me they can be cruel and liars...

    • I almost feel the same but not everyone thinks the same... They can be cruel and lists and cheaters but you gotta remember their not all like that.. It's usually the young minded immature ones that act that way.. I think that was part of the problem with me, she was young minded and immature...

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    • Hahaha some just aren't ready to commit, haven't been in a serious relationship or just dont understand how it works. She started flirting with me which was a first and I was desperate to have a girlfriend so I just took the first apple that fell from the tree even though at first I didn't like her but as time passed I fell for her. But it's taught me some good lessons if I ever happen to deal with another girl. But if your break up had only good consequences I'm happy for you

    • Thank you bro😎

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