Guys, my boyfriend recently broke up with me. (He's 18 I'm 17) I Want him back. We're also going 2 the same community college w/ same classes. Help?

My ex and I have been dating for 7 months. A week ago, he broke up with me because he has had issues with not knowing who he was as a person and he is going through a lot of changes in his life and struggles at home with a messy divorce and he felt himself getting mad at everything and he didn't want to drag me through the mud or string me along thinking he was mature enough for a relationship but really he wasn't. He said that he just wants to improve on himself and work on himself and learn to LOVE himself & "find himself" before he can love anyone else. It's annoying because he expects to have all his stuff together but I tried to tell him NO ONE finds themselves truly. That's what life and learning is about. He also has told me he always learns new things about himself when he's with me so? Anyways He also said with all the crap he's going through, it was too draining for him and it made him not feel romantic or something. Anyways, during our relationship we had little to no problems and he treated me great and we were in love and I miss him. We were so good at communication and he always told me I was the MOST important person to him and we made plans for the future together and that he was always 100% about me. We are about to be attending the same community college together in a month and we have all our classes together he said that he wants to start working on our friendship. I tried to tell him initially that we can go through this TOGETHER because we have been through a LOT of hardships & we always came back on top & stronger then ever. It just kills me were not together. I believe with the messy divorce thing, he will bounce back faster then he planned because people are just way more resilient to pain then they think. I just wish he would figure out that his "finding himself" journey will not be what he thinks. That's only on TV lol. But anyways yeah I'm gonna still be his friend and support him like he asked me to be when he broke up. But I feel like the relationship is definitely able to be rekindled. We had a love so strong.
What do you think?


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  • My best advice would be to cut your losses and move on.

    It may seem hard, but can be easy to do if you allow yourself and not have any mental restrictions.

    You just need to forget about him and move on. Start talking and being interested in more and different people. Try and avoid everything that reminds you of him for the time being, but obviously you can't avoid everything all the time. You will need to think of other things and people instead of your ex boyfriend.

    Loads of other people say that their ex boyfriend is perfect and whatever, which doesn't help getting over as your making them seem perfect. If you tell yourself someone is perfect, such as your ex or this lover, then eventually you will believe that and will want him and start missing him.

    Just like you, you said that he's romantic, you had good communication and were important to one another. But why is it just him that can be that perfect person. You will have this idea that he is perfect which you need to forget when seriously finding not a replacement, but a new good guy.

    So, don't compare him to other guys you see, cos if you think a perfect boyfriend is like your ex, then no one but him will fit your description and you won't be able to move on cos you can't. No two guys are the same, if that makes sense.

    If you need more help, advice or just want to talk feel free to ask or send me a message
    Hope this helps.

  • actually i believe problem's he thinks kinda lowly about himself as it seems... at least he doesn't wanna string u along as he says, so consider this good. also he considers u da most important person to him keep in mind!

    anywy if i was u i'd tell him there's nothing for him to worry, since i'd always support him... but if he cannot understand this...

    • I'm not sure if you typed more but if you did, it won't let me read it. The comment cuts off at " but if he cannot understand this... "

    • no it stops there.

      i mean "but if he cannot understand this... there's no need to put so much effort"

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